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Institutional Partner
  • CEO | MD, MSC, PhD student
    Miguel Mascarenhas
  • COO | MD, MsC
    André Santos
  • CFO | BA. MBI.
    Tiago Andrade
  • CTO | Software Engineer
    Fernando Leite
  • Data scientist | Phd
    Joao Ferreira
  • CDO
    Catarina Rocha
  • Web3 advisor
    Luís Barbosa
    Marcos Marques
    Valério Leite
  • MD | PhD
    Miguel Nuno Saraiva
  • MD | PhD
    Teresa Mascarenhas
  • MD
    Margarida Reis Lima

“For the first time, humans can intervene in changing
our genetic code and the disease genes embedded in it
that took biological evolution 3.5 to 4 billion years to produce.”


Washington Post

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